About Slip

Here at Slip, we believed you should be paid for your hard work. And in the service industry, going above and beyond deserves a tip.

Unfortunately, in the age of Paypal and Apple Pay, many people have stopped carrying cash entirely. And cashless tips haven’t quite caught up.

Enter Slip. We help service professionals take home more tips in a cashless society.

When a tipper taps their smartphone against a Slip device, a cashless peer-to-peer payment app instantly launches on their phone pre-filled with your information. discreet cashless tips in seconds.    

Slip is a peer-to-peer cashless app payment aggregator that provides instant friction-free connections for any transaction.

Our Mission

To help service professionals everywhere get paid, cash or no
cash. We design products that make cashless tipping easier than
having to pull out $5 bill, increasing your chances of receiving a tip.