Slip for Charity

Enable cashless giving at scale with Slip for Charity.

How Slip Works

Slip removes the awkwardness around cash and cashless donations, making it convenient for your charity while keeping your donation retention level high.. Integrating Slip with your charity also eliminates cost, time and money spent.  Slip is the smartest, fastest, fairer way to receive donations. Slip Cash is the solution you’ve been waiting for — and the one your charity deserve.
  • Slip devices are customized in advance for each charity
  • The donor taps their smartphone against the Slip Launch Pad or wristband which instantly launches their P2P cashless app
  • The donor sets the tip amount and sends the transaction
  • Slip Wristbands and Launch Pads are pre-set to connect to the most widely used P2P cashless payment apps catering to todays digital costomers

Slip, Inc. (“Slip”) develops custom-designed cashless payment/revenue enhancement programs for charitable organizations (and other businesses) via its “Slipcash” app and web platform.

Slip is a developer of groundbreaking peer-to-peer cashless payment technology. Slip is not another payment app. Instead, Slip is an aggregator and facilitator of the payment apps that people already have on their iPhones, Androids, or other mobile devices.

Slip provides devices and applications that allow customers/users to make instant, cashless, contact-free payments directly to a payee, using the payment apps that they already have on their mobile devices, with no risk of mistake in the payee name or account. All they do is enter the amount of payment. The Slip “launchpads” are pre-programmed to connect directly to the payee’s account. The “customers” (or “donors”) can easily and instantly launch their preferred cashless app from their mobile device (by simply waving it over the Slip device) – then, they just enter the amount of payment, and make the payment. The Slip app and technical support also allows payees to track data and analytics so they always see the payments as they occur and, best of all, can monitor how much they are increasing their collections via the Slip-enabled cashless payment program.

Slip is working with major charities to design and implement custom-made solutions to enhance and facilitate revenue collection via Slip’s cashless payment facilitation devices and apps. These programs are designed to dramatically increase donations by facilitating cashless payment donations at strategic “time and place” opportunities (e.g., while waiting at the counter for a fast food order or while pumping gas). Moreover, these programs are designed to minimize up-front costs to the charity, thereby allowing the expense of the Slipcash program to be funded by the increased donation receipts realized via the Slipcash program.

Among other things, Slip can custom design and implement initial “pilot programs” for charities that ensure that upfront costs do not present a significant “barrier to entry” and that increased donation receipts can be tracked, confirmed, and analyzed before the pilot program is expanded to cover the full range of the charity’s operations and opportunities.

Increase Charity Giving

Slip devices not only make it easy for users to donate without cash, they provide a visual reminder to donate.


Personalize any Slip device with your company  logo. We know how important your branding is, and we can guarantee Slip will fit right in.

Improve Donor Experience

Slip makes it easy to donate at any time, giving your donors the ability to donate on their terms directly to the charity.

Utilizes Trusted Payment Platforms

Slip is not another peer-to-peer payment app. Instead, Slip devices launch the most popular cashless apps with payment info conveniently pre-entered.  All transactions are processed through these secure, trusted platforms.

Fits Your Business Model

We offer two Slip devices to fit any business.

  • Slip Wristbands - a streamlined option for cashless donating via all four payment platforms
  • Slip Launch Pads - fully flexible option for cashless donating via the four most popular payment platforms

Consider the wristband if...

  • Your charity needs to collect donations with maximum speed and efficiency
  • You prefer to track donations that cater to your customers needs
  • Need a Slip device that moves around while your employees work (ex: waitresses, bartenders, pool resorts)
  • Want a reminder to donate? Clearly visible throughout all customer interactions

Consider the Launch Pad if...

  • You want to give your customers complete flexibility in sending cashless donations
  • You are planning to attach Slip devices to stationary areas (ex: a night stand vendor cart, Bar, Barista, valet, concierge desk)

Not sure which Slip is right for your charity?

Who uses Slip?

Charities | Hotels | Restaurants | Shuttle Fleets | Hair or Nail Salons | Spas | Sporting Arenas | Gyms | Doctors and More

Not sure if Slip is right for your company?
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