See what Slipcash’s cashless payment app can do for you!

Slip helps service professionals in all industries accept payments in a cashless society. 

Instant Cashless Payments

When a customer taps their smartphone against your Slip device, it instantly launches a peer-to-peer payment app pre-filled with your info. Fast, efficient, and no effort for you.

Maximize Your Chances for Fast Payments

Slip devices are a visual reminder to pay. Customers can easily launch a cashless app from your Slip device at any point in the customer interaction.

Designed for Every Industry

Choose between Slip Wristbands, a streamlined way to connect to any payment app, and Slip Launch Pads, a flexible way to connect to the most popular payment apps. No matter your business, there’s a Slip device to help you take home more cashless payments.

Waterproof and Durable

We know the service industry isn’t always a walk in the park, so we build our devices to last. All Slip devices are made from waterproof silica that won’t damage if dropped or scratched. Slip Wristbands have a secure double clasp design that won’t fall of while you work.  

No Batteries Power
Source Needed

Slip devices are powered by NFC chips, a close-range wireless communication technology that requires no power source. No need to worry about charging or changing batteries.

Personalize and

Slip device are available in four colors (aqua blue, frost white, jet black, and Pantone red). Add your business logo for complete personalization and brand recognition.

Slip Makes Your Life Easier

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