Frequently Asked Questions

Accepting Tip with Slip

It depends! Slip helps your tippers launch a cashless payment app with your details filled out, but doesn’t set the amount of the tip. Your tippers won’t be charged until they enter the amount and finalize the payment.

Nope - you earn your tips, you should keep them! Slip connects the tipper and the service professional, but the actual payment is processed through one of the 4 most popular cashless payment apps, Any fees paid per transaction will be handled by your payment provider.     

Slip runs on secure NFC (near field communication) chips, the same technology that powers ApplePay. NFC is a passive wireless signal with a maximum range of less than 4 inches. This naturally prevents your Slip devices from sending notifications to smartphones other than the ones intentionally tapped against the device.

Slip Wristbands and Launch Pads

No, the preferred payment app for your Slip wristband must be chosen at the time of purchase. We cannot replace the NFC chip without damaging your wristband. If you’d rather take payments from 4 of the most common cashless payment options, we’d recommend purchasing a Slip launch pad instead.

No – because Slip devices do not need batteries or charging to work! No need to worry about maintenance once you’ve purchased your slip.

Slip launch pads and wristbands are made from durable silicone material. They’re completely waterproof as well as resistant to damage from dropping or scratching.

Company and Services

No – we believe there are already fantastic peer-to-peer payment app options out there. We know that cashless tipping can be awkward despite how great these apps are, so we created Slip devices. Tapping a smartphone against a Slip opens up a peer-to-peer payment app, but does not charge the tipper. All payments are handled through the selected payment app once the tipper selects the amount and confirms the transaction.

Visit our Enterprise page for more information about Slip for your hotel, restaurant chain, shuttle service, or other larger business.