Slip for Hosts

Slip helps home owners get paid for the little details that set them apart from the crowd.

Slip makes it easy for guests to tip and pay hosts using the cashless payment apps you already use. Works with all your favorite payment apps

Visually Remind Guests to Tip

Tipping? A gray area many travelers aren’t quite sure how to navigate. Slip products provide a clear visual message that you’re open to cashless tips. No awkwardness or extra fees involved.

Easily Charge for Add-On Services

Kayak rental? Heating the hot tub? Home-cooked meals? These add-on services take a stay from pleasant to extraordinary. Slip products make it easy to charge guests for these extras, no cash needed.

Eliminate Currency Exchange Frustration

An excellent host can make or break an international trip, but leaving a tip in foreign currency creates more problems than it’s worth. Slip makes it easy to send a cashless tip through popular payment platforms accepted globally.

Recoup Costs for Hospitality Items

Stellar hosts anticipate their guests’ needs by offering thoughtful items such as snacks, beverages, and toiletries. The extra cost is well worth the 5-star reviews and repeat business – but leaving a Slip launch pad near these items provides a simple way to immediately earn back this expense.

Encourage Your

Guests to Leave Tips

Slip removes the awkwardness around cash and cashless tips, increasing the chances you’ll be rewarded for your hard work.

  • Set up your payment details in advance through our app
  • Leave your Slip launch pad in an easily accessible location OR wear your Slip wristband when interacting with your guests
  • The guest taps their smartphone against the Slip
  • A push notification prompts the guest to open their peer-to-peer payment app, automatically populated with your info
  • The guest sets the tip amount and finalizes the transaction