Combine the most popular peer-to-peer
payment apps for seamless cashless payments

Introducing Slip Launch Pad: the easiest way to collect payments in a cash free-world. When your customer taps their smartphone against a logo, their phone will launch the selected payment app pre-filled with your info. 

The world has enough cashless payment
apps. We'll help you put them to good use.

Slip is not another payment app. Instead, we focus on making cash-free payments as seamless as possible. With Slip, sending a cashless payment takes seconds, with no risk forgetting your username or having your payment sent to the wrong account.
Slip works with most popular peer-to-peer payment apps for iPhone and Android. 

How The Slip
Launch Pad Works

  • Set up your payment details in advance through our app
  • The customer taps their smartphone against the Slip
  • A push notification prompts the tippers peer-to-peer payment app, instantly launching the app populated with your exact UserID
  • Each logo opens different payment apps

A No-Nonsense Mobile Point of Sale System

Your customers don’t need to be interrupted by your personal notifications while they try to complete a payment through your phone. Or worse, what if your phone is damage or stolen when being used as a mobile POS?

Slip Launch pads are a more professional mobile POS option. Perfect for outdoor vendors, mobile service providers, and anyone else  who prefers to take payment quickly from anywhere and everywhere.

  • Waterproof
  • Durable silicon exterior
  • Small and lightweight (fits in the palm of your hand, weighs less than your smartphone )
  • No Batteries or power source required
  • Secure NFC technology

Get paid faster + look more legitimate with a Slip Launch Pad.

Slip Launch Pad Specs

7 Embedded NFC chip to easily launch payments via your choice of Venmo (iPhone and Andriod), Apple Pay, Square (iPhone and Andriod), and PayPal 

Waterproof silicon exterior

Durable (damage-resistant when dropped or scracthed)

No batteries or charger required

Customizable  with your logo


Absolutely No fees 

Available in 3 colors:

Aqua Blue

Jet Black

Frost White



Sale $100

Consider the
Launch pad if you...

  • Value full flexibility in accepting frictionless cashless payments
  • Are planning to attach your Slip device to a stationary area (ex: a table, vendor cart, or check-in desk, counter )
  • Work in service profession where wearing a wristband is no so practical (ex: manicurist or massage therapist)
  • Need a lightweight mobile POS that gets the job done with no fluff or frustration

Not for you? Check out our Slip Wristband, a streamlined option for payments.