See what Slipcash’s cashless payment app can do for you!

A cash-free world complicates payments, but we’ve got the answer. When your customer taps their smartphone against your Slip wristband, their phone will launch your preferred payment app pre-filled with your info.  Less friction for your customers = business for you. 

Simple cashless payments through the payment
platform you're already using.

Slip is not a payment app. Instead, we make it easier for customers to pay using the apps you
already use and trust. With Slip, sending a cashless payment takes less than a few seconds, with no
risk of forgetting your username or having your payment sent to the wrong account.

How The Slip
Wristbands Work

  • Choose your preferred payment platform when you purchase your slip
  • Set up your payment details in advance through our website
  • The customer taps their smartphone against the Slip
  • A push notification prompts the tippers peer-to-peer payment app, simultaneously launching with your userID info

Hands-Free, Phone-Free, Cash-Free Payments

In many service industries, taking your phone out to verify your username and accept a cashless payment is unprofessional (or prohibited). Slip wristbands allow you to easily accept payments with no input from you. When your customer is ready to pay, they simply tap their smartphone against your wristband. The secure NFC chip inside your Slip will launch your profile UserID simultaneously as their app launches on their phone. 

Your customer will remain in complete control of the transaction. Slip doesn’t charge customers – the transaction isn’t finalized until they create the payment amount and approve the charge through the selected payment processor.

Think your whole workplace could benefit from Slip? Learn more about Slip enterprise sales. 

Eliminate Payment Awkwardness

All the payer does is choose the payment app and enter the amount of payment – everything else is pre-set!

Slip’s programs increase revenues by facilitating cashless payment donations at convenient “time and place” payment opportunities. 

Slip Wristband Specs

Durable  (damage-resistant when  dropped or scracthed)


No fees for using Slip  

Embedded NFC chip to easily launch payments via your choice of Venmo (iPhone and Andriod), Apple Pay, Square (iPhone and Andriod), and PayPal 

Customizable  with your logo

Metal double clasp - won't fall off your wrist while working

No batteries or charger required

Waterproof silicon exterior

Available in 4 colors:

Aqua Blue

Jet Black

Frost White

Pantone Red



Sale $80 off

Consider the
wristband if you…

  • Want to collect cashless payments quickly and efficiently
  • Need a Slip device that moves around with you while you help customers (ex: waitresses, bartenders)

Not for you? Check out our Slip Launch Pad, a fully flexible option for cashless tipping via the four most popular payment platforms.