Go above and beyond.
Get paid for it.

SlipCash increases the tips received by hardworking service professionals. When your customers tap their smartphone on your Slip device, their phone automatically launches the selected P2P payment app directly to your account. Tap and Send = Slipped!

SlipCash seamlessly connects tippers to service professionals via the cashless payment
apps you already use. Works with all your favorite p2p payment apps, including:

Increase your chances of getting slipped in a cashless society. Slip bands and launch pads are embedded with NFC
chips – the secure, battery-free technology that powers Apple Pay.  Slip is not
another peer-to-peer payment app.  Instead, Slip allows potential tippers to instantly slip you cash from their favorite Apps they already use.

Tapping a smartphone to your Slip device automatically opens the chosen payment app (complete with your details).
Tapping a Slip does not charge the tipper – no money is exchanged until they select an amount and finalize the
transaction in their payment app.

It’s literally that SIMPLE!

1. Tipper taps the Slip device
2. Enters amount
3. Presses Send
4. Voila! Cash in your account!

Cashless Tipping Made Easy

Slip removes the awkwardness around cash and cashless tips, increasing the chances you’ll be rewarded for your hard work.

  • Set up your account details in advance through our site
  • The tipper taps their smartphone on your Slip device
  • A push notification prompts the tipper to open their peer-2-peer   payment app, automatically populated with your info
  • The tipper sets the tip amount and finalizes the transaction 

Stop Leaving Tips on the Table

Your customers don’t carry cash anymore – but don’t let that leave you high and dry. Slip
eliminates common tipping frustrations, putting more hard-earned tips in your pocket.
No cash? No problem. Only have $20? No change needed. Can’t find your cashless 
payment info? Problem of the past.

Visual Reminder to Tip

Slip bands and launch pads draw attention and spark conversion. The more your customers see your Slip device, the more chances they'll have to remember to tip you. With Slip, customers can add an extra tip as soon as they're delighted by your excellent service, not just when they're handed the bill.

Frictionless Tipping

Can't remember you PayPal username? Don't have time to stop everything to confirm the details on a $3 Venmo tip? With Slip, you can stop stressing about giving a customer the wrong info. With one simple thoughtless tap, Slip autofills your UserName into their favorite p2p payment app.

Uses Your Favorite Cashless Apps

Slip is NOT another cashless payment app. We make it easier for a tipper to connect with a service
professional using any P2P payment app. To leave a cashless tip, just have your customer tap their smartphone
over the Slip device. 

Designed for Service
Professionals Everywhere

Customize with your logo

Made from waterproof, damage-resistant silica

Choose from 4 colors:

Adjustable strap with double clasp – fits all sizes and won’t fall off

Secure NFC chip for wireless communication (no batteries required)

Choose from 4 colors:

Aqua Blue

Jet Black

Frost White

Pantone Red

Your Slip

All Slip products are equipped with embedded NFC chips which allow them to communicate with smartphones held at close distances. Each NFC chip is programmed to prompt tips through any peer-to-peer cashless payment app.

Slip NFC silicone wristbands enable cashless tips from the most popular payment platforms. Add or Delete options any time from your Slip.Cash profile page.

Slip Wristband



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Slip Launch Pad



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Feeling jealous?

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends! Slip helps your tippers automatically launch a cashless payment app with your username instantly filled out, but doesn't set the amount of their tip. Your tippers have full discretion by entering the amount and finalizing the payment by tapping send.

Nope- you earned your tips, you should keep them! Slip connects the tipper and the service professional, but the actual payment is processed through the most popular cashless payment apps that people already frequently use. Fees, if any, are handled by your payment provider.

Yes, you can also add, replace or delete any accounts you want by simply logging into your registered account at SlipCash.com.  There you can even change your individual profile user ID name for each payment provider if you choose

No - because Slip devices do not need batteries or charging to work! No need to worry about maintenance once you’ve purchased your slip.  Slip is powerless and wireless, therefore portable and easy to take anywhere

Visit our Enterprise page for more information about Slip for your hotel, restaurant chain, shuttle service, or other larger business.

Yes, as long they have an NFC enabled smartphone. Which is the same as a WIFI or Bluetooth connection. Go into your setting and make sure the NFC is turned on. Exactly like how your WIFI needs to be turned on to get a wifi connection.   NFC needs to be enabled on Samsung/Android and the Iphone Xr/XS and newer are automatic.

What are Checks?  Mobile payments are the Now, and what will truly replace cash and checks are P2P services like Apple Cash, Venmo, Paypal, and the Cash App which digitize the check you otherwise would have written for your girl scout cookies  or the cash you would have Slipped your housekeeper.

We're not accountants nor are we a payment processor.  SlipCash facilitates the use of your favorite p2p cashless payment apps that you already have downloaded on your phone. Search for the terms and conditions with your current providers or seek the opinion of a CPA.

The good news is in our beta tests, tips increased an average of 89%

Reduce Fair Labor law liability, Eliminate processing fees, Improve customer experience & Increased Employee Satisfaction, Morale, and Retention

Customers are able to directly tip their service providers. Would you rather have a client or customer slip you a $10 bill in cash or add $10 tip to their credit card bill? Slip removes the business owner from acting as a middle man/accountant when sorting out tips. No more waiting around begging your manager to collect your tips at the end of the night.  Slipees link their Usernames/accounts to the platform and are able to receive tips, instantly available for walk around money!  Who wouldn't want their customer to send them $10 through Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, and Apple Cash?

It’s no more hazardous to the user than clicking in a web browser or a link in an email. Do you trust sending and receiving money through the largest, most widely used P2P cashless payment apps?  “It just comes down to URL verification and common sense.  As such,  no new risks are introduced.

Beyond mere convenience to the consumer, the importance of this capability is that it increases the conversion rate and revenues.  Slip Cash provides a seamless friction free platform that not only draws attention encouraging the use of it,  as it gives the customer a cashless option to tip or pay utilizing their favorite, most trusted cashless services.

You didn't!  It's virtually impossible with Slip.  If you sent money to the wrong person you didn't use Slip.

 visit Venmos FAQ link 


PayPals help center


Square Cash Apps help center


Apple Cash help center


iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro, Pro Max, and all future iPhones. Older iPhones are require to download a NFC scanner. NFC scan is an easy one to download. Open your NFC scan app, then tap your phone over the Nfc.

The majority of all Android and Samsungs.  The NFC will have to be enabled in your settings. Just like the wifi or bluetooth has to be enabled, so does the NFC connection.

Which mobile devices are compatible?

Who uses Slip?

Slip is for service professionals in every industry. We’re here to help everyone get more tips for their hard work, from hotel
concierge to manicurist to shuttle drivers to golf caddies. Slip users also include: freelancer, bartenders, street performers,
doctors offices, photographers, hostesses, massage therapists, car wash employees, doormen, valets, food deliverers, waiters, and much much more.