See what Slipcash's payment app can do for you!

Slipcash provides devices and applications that allow customers/users to make instant, cashless, contact-free payments directly to a payee, using the payment apps that they already have on their mobile devices, with no risk of mistake in the payee name or account.

All the payer does is choose the payment app and enter the amount of payment – everything else is pre-set!

Slip is not a payment app. It is an aggregator and facilitator of the payment apps that people already have on their iPhones, Androids, or other mobile devices. Slip offers custom-designed cashless payment/revenue enhancement programs for retail businesses, charities, and service providers via its “Slipcash” app and web platform.

Slip “launchpads” and wristbands are pre-programmed to connect directly to the payee’s account.

Slip’s programs increase revenues by facilitating cashless payment donations at convenient “time and place” payment opportunities.

Payers easily and instantly launch their preferred cashless app from their mobile device by simply waving it over the Slip device – then, they just enter the amount of payment, and make the payment.

Cashless Payments Made Easy

The Slip app and technical support also allows the payees to track data and analytics so they always see the payments as they occur.

Best of all, they can easily and instantly monitor how much they are increasing their collections via the Slip-enabled cashless payment devices and programs.

Slip is working with retail businesses, charitable organizations, and service providers to design and implement custom-made solutions to enhance and facilitate revenue collection via Slip’s cashless payment facilitation devices and apps.

Uses Your Favorite Cashless Apps

All the payer does is choose the payment app and enter the amount of payment – everything else is pre-set!

Designed for Businesses & Service
Professionals Everywhere

Customize with your logo

Made from waterproof, damage-resistant silica

Choose from 4 colors:

Adjustable strap with double clasp – fits all sizes and won’t fall off

Secure NFC chip for wireless communication (no batteries required)

Choose from 4 colors:

Aqua Blue

Jet Black

Frost White

Pantone Red

Your Slip

All Slip products are equipped with embedded NFC chips which allow them to communicate with smartphones held at close distances. Each NFC chip is programmed to prompt payments through any peer-to-peer cashless payment app.

Slip NFC silicone wristbands enable cashless payments from the most popular payment platforms. Add or Delete options any time from your Slip.Cash profile page.

Slip Wristband




Slip Launch Pad





Feeling jealous?

Who uses Slip?

Slip is with Businesses and service professionals in every industry. We’re here to help everyone make payments easier, from hotel
concierge to manicurist to shuttle drivers to golf caddies. Slip users also include: freelancer, bartenders, street performers,
doctors offices, photographers, hostesses, massage therapists, car wash employees, doormen, valets, food deliverers, waiters, and much much more.