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Slip Cash

SlipCash™ CashVault

SlipCash™ CashVault

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Introducing the SlipCash™ CashVault - Your Ultimate GivingStation for Effortless Mobile Payments!

Transform the way you collect payments, tips, and donations with our cutting-edge NFC-enabled device, the CashVault. Whether you're a service professional, event vendor, business owner, or part of a religious organization, the CashVault serves as your all-in-one GivingStation, simplifying payment collection like never before.

With SlipCash™ CashVault, the process is seamless and user-friendly. Simply present it to your patrons in any setting imaginable. You can even affix it to any surface for convenient self-initiated payments and donations—no staff assistance required.

Embrace the power of mobile technology with SlipCash™ CashVault. Its sleek, portable design enables you to carry it wherever you go or leave it unattended, ensuring effortless payment collection on the move. Bid farewell to traditional cash handling and usher in a new era of streamlined, mobile giving experiences.


The SlipCash™ InstaTap Band - Effortless Payment Management with NFC Integration!

Experience the ultimate convenience and simplicity of the InstaTap Band, our innovative NFC-integrated wristband designed to revolutionize your payment process. Say goodbye to missed payments or tips with this stylish and sleek device.

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